Tip Tips On Confident Body Language and Attracting Opposites

Hello, my friend, you may not know this but body language is essential if you want to succeed at attracting all the girls you want and persuading all the people you want. Body language communications go directly into people’s subconscious, they are extremely powerful and people accept them freely because, subconsciously, they know that body language is not something that can be faked, we trust body language more than words.


Maybe you’ve seen a person walking down the street and thought to yourself “Boy, that guy must have a lot of money” or “That guy must get a lot of girls”. Superficially, that guy seemed normal, looked normal, wore normal clothes and might even have normal game, but something about him made you conclude that he is a guy that gets what he wants. All those things you concluded were thanks to his body language, and the way he carried himself.

If you’ve studied psychology, you may know that mind follows body and body follows mind, meaning that our body will adapt to our mood, and reciprocally, our mood will adapt to our body language. The more powerful of the two is the body, our mood will change depending on the way we’re acting. If we have a very positive and attractive body language, our self-confidence will skyrocket and our overall attractiveness will increase to unheard levels.

It’s not very hard to change your idle positions to the very attractive ones, it’s an everyday conscious decision until they become deeply ingrained into that beautiful subconscious of yours, then they will become your default setting. The mood changes and self-confidence boosts will follow.

The first thing you need to know for all this is that you need to be relaxed and comfortable, you must make yourself comfortable first. If you look like you’re trying too hard, you will look like a total loser (you don’t want that do you?) and if you look uncomfortable in these power positions you will suffer the same fate. Remember, relaxed and comfortable.

Next comes taking up space and leaning back, you want to take up your whole space and a little bit of the other people’s space, you want to make yourself as comfortable as possible and take up as much space as you can without being obnoxious. If you think you’re going to be deemed an asshole for taking up other’s space, don’t worry. What you’re doing here, subconsciously, is giving other people permission to be comfortable themselves. Most people nowadays think that it’s rude to make yourself comfortable and have to give other’s your space. That’s bullshit, you take your stuff first, others will then look up to you and realise that they too can make themselves comfortable. Some may think you’re an asshole, so be it. Mediocrity will resent you, you will attract success and awesomeness.

Next comes opening yourself up to the world, you will want to be open with your body language. Your limbs must be spread out and not touching your body, your legs comfortably spread, showing that crotch, shouting “I’m a highly sexual being!” to the world. They will thank you for it, and girls will be much more attracted to you.

Next come your movements, you want to slow everything down a little bit and get rid of all fidgetiness. Being completely still is OK and highly attractive, as long as you’re relaxed and comfortable.

Of course, you need to master the smirk, it is paramount to your well-being that you master the smirk, look up pictures of badasses like George Clooney that possess irresistible smirks that melt fair maidens’ hearts, then go to the mirror and practice.

The last thing I want you to take car of is the way you walk, pretend there’s a string going inside your spine and to the sky, perpendicular to the floor, that way you will walk straight and with your head up, like a true badass, then walk with purpose and direction, as if you always have a super-important place to be at right now.

That sums up this power body language mini-guide I wrote for you, my man, use it well and PRACTICE, nothing will come to you unless you practice. Also, it is very effective to select a few role models, like badass movie or TV characters that you can model. If you personally know an amazing badass with killer body language, much better, surround yourself with that person and copy the shit out of it. Peace

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